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The following is a compilation of the basics and pieces of advice that have been floating around for online GMs, players, and coordinators. Thanks to everyone who contributed to and reviewed the document!

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What is IRC?

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat and is an Internet messaging protocol designed for text-based group discussions. General information (probably more than you want!) can be found at the original home of IRC,, and at the IRC help site

Using IRC

First, find and install an IRC client, or use an IRC service. There are a large number of clients and services available, for prices ranging from free on up. Some of the ones in use by players are:

IRC defines the chat space by specifying the server and a channel. If you're playing Heroes of Rokugan, use server and channel #Rokugan or #Rokugan2 (your GM will tell you which). Create a username - again, for HoR, it's usually your PC name in the form FamilyName_GivenName.

On Pidgin, the server name is on the Accounts setup. So, to set up for Heroes of Rokugan:

The first one on the channel should invite the die roller (/invite Dicesuke <channelname> or /invite Dice_Eta <channelname>). Everyone can then simply issue die rolling commands.

Specific instructions for Chatzilla

(Courtesy of Don Riddick)


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