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The following is a compilation of the basics and pieces of advice that have been floating around for online GMs, players, and coordinators. Thanks to everyone who contributed to and reviewed the document!

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Last updated 09/01/2010.

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Setting up Skype

Skype is free and setup is easy. Download the program from, and run the installation program. On Windows, it picks up any defined microphones, headphones, and speakers, and you can mix and match. For example, you can use only the mic from an integrated mic and headphones unit, and have the incoming sound play through your speakers.

You'll need to set up an account so that others can find you. Note that calls made from one computer to another are free, but calls to cell or land-line phones are NOT. Be careful when you set up your contacts to use their computer account names.

Hosting a game

One person, and it doesn't have to be the GM, "hosts" the call. Generally, it's the first person to start calling others using the conference call option ("add people" on the upper right of the window). From there, just talk.

Note that someone without a mic can participate by typing in the message window.

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