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Legends of Arcans

(was Chronicles of the Shattered Empires)

The Shattered Empires Await!

In the latest Story Arc set in the Award Winning Arcanis: The World the Shattered Empires, the 6th Crusade of Light has been Called by Noble King Osric IV of Milandir as rumblings from the Infernal hordes have the entirety of the Hinterlands in a panic. Heroes from all of the lands of Onara are needed to support this noble purpose. Will you come claim your place among the heroes of Arcanis?

 Chronicles of the Shattered Empires is a World-Wide Shared Campaign based in Arcanis: the World of Shattered Empires that emphasizes storytelling and player impact on the story line. Within the Chronicles of the Shattered Empires campaign, each adventure and each character becomes part of the world and guides plot developments as they would in a home campaign.  

 The Chronicles of the Shattered Empires™ new Story Arc begins forty years after the end of the Living Arcanis campaign  and uses the new Shattered Empires game rules to continue to feature a design that puts story first without sacrificing tactical play.

 Here's your chance to get in on the next Epic from the beginning. Will you be among the thousands of other players who have already Left Their Mark Upon the Shattered Empires?

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Dave Arneson's Blackmoor: The MMRPG tbd  
Dragonmouth Set in the world of Dargon, Dragonmouth is a UK living campaign based on the Iron Heroes game rules.  Every year players from all parts of the country take part in a collaborative plotline, holding malign evil at bay, battling dragons, destroying ravaging hordes and other aspects of a fantasy setting.  
Fellowship of the White Star If you're a fan of horror RPGs, you've come to the right place.  We present a new role playing experience utilizing a semi-historical setting of 1905-1914 Earth  

Heroes of Rokugan

Heroes of Rokugan: Spirit of Bushido (wiki)

Heroes of Rokugan, also known as Champions of the Sapphire Throne (and formerly as "Living Rokugan") is an ongoing role-playing campaign using the Legend of the Five Rings role-playing game published by Alderac Entertainment Group. You will be able to play your characters in any HoR event that runs anywhere in the world, gaining more experience, honor, glory, and status, and helping to shape the fate of the Emerald Empire.

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Legends of the Shining Jewel Legends of the Shining Jewel is an independent fantasy D20 campaign (v3.5 compatible). It evolved from the Living Procampur expansion of the Living City campaign.  
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Lihr Lihr is a dynamic independent campaign set in Sword and Sorcery's Scarred Lands.  
Living Arcanis Living Arcanis is the campaign run by Paradigm Concepts Inc. It is a high-intrigue, Roman-Empire type fantasy setting that uses the current edition D&D d20 rules set.

Player-created information:

Living Forgotten Realms Living Forgotten Realms (or LFR for short) is a new regionalized RPGA Living campaign, and the first to utilize the new 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons rules. Players create characters and assign them to a specific region set in the Forgotten Realms. Characters can be played in any LFR adventure that supports their levels of play, anywhere. All non-special LFR adventures will be available for play no matter where you live in the world. As your character plays adventures, it earns experience points, gold, and magic items which stay with you from game to game. There are dozens of unique adventures each year!


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Living Planar Living Planar is a high powered high magic living campaign in its own dark planar setting. Character creation generally begins at 14th level, and the campaign additionally allows importing characters from LC, LG, LA, LD and LKoK.  
Living Spycraft Spycraft 2.0 is designed to support any modern-day setting –- and many far outside the modern day as well! Using a single Living Spycraft character ring with a shared XP pool, players can play in any of the Living Spycraft Settings (as they are introduced).
Core Living Spycraft is the default setting for any modern-day espionage games not set in another setting.
Rotted Capes    
Shadowrun Missions tbd  
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The Great River

The Great River is a shared campaign based on the standard rules. The Great River itself is based on Portals & Planes, written by Mike Mearls and published by Fantasy Flight Games.

The Starmage Prophecies Spin-off of Living Dragonstar.
Haizmond is a world in a state of change. At the beginning of the year a vehicle from another star entered the system for the first time in centuries. Is this a good sign, or are the old troubles starting up all over again?

Witch Hunter: Dark Providence Horror, set in the 1690's.
WH:DP is an ongoing, shared-world role-playing campaign in which brave heroes and heroines fight against evil, whether it takes the form of genuine monsters which serve the Adversary or simple human injustice and persecution. It uses the Witch Hunter: The Invisible World rules published by Paradigm Concepts, a completely new RPG system developed by a team of industry veterans.

Unofficial wiki:

Wyrmstone With the eldritch power of Wyrmstone, ships highsail in the clouds, creating gates to travel between worlds in this fantasy epic of heroism, intrigue and rollicking adventure.
Wyrmstone is a new, third generation Organized Play project for creating, extending and Role-Play Gaming in a fantasy setting built and managed by the community. Wyrmstone uses the Fantasy Craft rules from Crafty Games, an exciting addition to the Spycraft rules, improved from d20!


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