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Welcome to the Role-Playing Game resources site! This is a service provided to the RPG community, both for face-to-face and online games. If there's information you would like to see added to this site, please contact the webmaster at

Shared-world Campaigns

These campaigns, also known as "living" campaigns, allow players to create and play PCs in scenarios provided by the campaigns' sponsor / coordinator. This list includes the "independent" campaigns - that is, those not sponsored by the RPGA.

Role-playing Game Resources

Links to general role-playing game resources for players, GMs, and convention / gameday coordinators.

Note: This are listed, but not necessarily endorsed by, the Webmaster.

Online Role-playing Game Resources

"Online" in this context refers to playing shared-world or other RPGs online using the online venue as a medium to play games that would otherwise be played face-to-face at home, a retail store, or a game day or convention.

The Online Gaming Guide for GMs and Players contains information about getting started with online play.

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